by BarCreeps

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EP 2, released on Disconnect Disconnect Records. Louder than the last one!


released May 26, 2017

Recorded at Bear Bites Horse studios with Wayne Adams. Written and performed by BarCreeps.



all rights reserved


BarCreeps London, UK

Formed under a railway bridge by Waterloo station, BarCreeps slithered onto the London punk scene in early 2016 playing fast and furious skate-punk and four chord pop songs.

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Track Name: BattleAxe
Your poison could kill a bear, that's my analogy
Stirring your cauldron of apology
Your company's like a cursed pear
Kick me when I'm down, that's not fair

Take cover!


Lash out with whips and chains
I won't cower or fade
Emotional missiles aimed for pain
Kiss and smile and I'll blow you away

Nuclear warning!


Sharp tongues, blue words, listen more,
Sharp tongues, blue words, it's only human to feel the hurt
Track Name: Guns Out!
I've got a question - guns out!
I've got an answer - guns out!
I've got a problem - guns out!


I used to think I could do what I want
Then they told me I can't
Now I just get my guns out
And I can do what I fucking want
Track Name: Grey Goo
Grey goo isn't true
It's a febrile science fiction
Invisible, divisible
Self-replicate to annihilation

We'll cry on Day 29
Why can't we live forever?
We'll find a way to survive
We're gonna live forever!

Day of doom coming soon
One bad actor can lead us to the surfeit
Eat the earth, graphene's curse
Plenty of room, the bottom's just beneath the surface
Track Name: Troll
When I'm alone and I'm online then I can visualise
If they could see my eyes then they could see inside
My mind is whirling with emoticons that blur the lines
Should I antagonise or just crucify?

Freedom is privacy to prey with words on others like I do
I am a silhouette of pixelated hatred cursing you

Abnormalised adaptable animal
Survival of the nastiest is the rule

Harmony is in the eye of the beholder
Life's over analysed and idealised
Democracy is self-defeating in its modern guise
We anaesthetise, protect the weak from dying

Liberty's nature is the cruellest of the seasons fair and foul
We loiter in the darkness of the web and make life miserable
Track Name: Like You Better
Fly the flags at half mast
Turn the clocks back to the past
All these people think the same
Don't they know it's fucking lame!

They stand in lines to show
They're so eager
Oh so obsequious to tow
The line of the status quo
And to follow

Take the tags off your back
Redefine what your life lacks
the sky is blue, but blue is black
Break the rules, they're there to smash

But I'm alright you know
Even so
I need a heart to help me through
It's on you

If you see a problem there to mend
Then I like you better for it
Use your mind to better understand
Then I like you better for it
It's a struggle but you wanna stay independent
Then I like you better for it
Stupid, stubborn to the bitter end
Then I like you better